The Virgin Atlantic experience

The Virgin Atlantic experience

With our pioneering spirit and human touch, we want everyone to share our passion for flying. Our strategy to ensure sustainable growth is delivering an irresistible customer experience.

Excitement on the ground

Countdown: excitement on the ground

Effortless service in the air

Take off:
effortless service in the air

Personalised experiences on arrival

Onward journey: personalised experiences on arrival

2017... A great year for our customers



passengers flown



in revenue



in customer satisfaction for UK-US traffic1



Virgin Holidays customers



kilograms of cargo transported

1. IATA airs@t transatlantic 2017.

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Group at a glance


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passengers flown this year, down 0.1m year on year

Our fleet


total revenue, 1% down year on year



net promoter score improved by 5pts year on year

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up 9.3% year on year to £199.3m

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kilograms of cargo transported

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new Pharma Zone at Heathrow to serve pharmaceuticals market

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of three British Travel Awards and two Silver Awards, voted by UK consumers

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397,000 in 2017, 1.5% growth year on year

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4% growth year on year in online distribution mix

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Chairman’s statement

Peter Norris


We continued to deliver great experiences for our customers while being focused on building the platform for sustainable growth.

Chief Executive Officer's Q&A

Craig Kreeger

Chief Executive Officer

We remained focused on meeting the needs of our customers despite significant macroeconomic and operational challenges in 2017.

Chief Financial Officer’s review

Tom Mackay

Chief Financial Officer

Our Joint Venture partners helped to successfully increase sales from our US point of sale, partially offsetting the weakness in UK leisure demand. We increased the number of US-based passengers on board our flights by 20%.

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Our strategy

Plan to Win

Plan to win graph
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People -
Us at our Best

The Virgin Atlantic ethos is that if we look after our people, they will look after our customers.

We recognise that our people are our biggest differentiator and we ensure that they can be at their best by connecting them to our purpose and values, giving them the tools they need, and recognising their performance.

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Customer -
Loved for Service

Our focus is always for the customer with flair.

We strive to deliver a personalised and effortless experience that differentiates us from other airlines and tour operators.

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Shifting Gears -
Building the Platform

Transforming our business by building an organisation that is resilient, with the flexibility to meet our customers’ needs and a cost base that reflects the size of our business.

Investing in technology transformation that equips our people with the tools to deliver great service.

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Performance -
Delivering the Goods

We deliver the goods financially and operationally by realising the full potential of our Joint Venture with Delta, and realising the potential for closer co-operation between Virgin Holidays and Virgin Atlantic.

We also achieve deep integration with other airline partners to increase network reach, provide short haul feed and optimise operational performance.

Creating value for our stakeholders






for UK-TATL customer satisfaction1



pax per month connecting to / from Delta domestic flights



reduction in aircraft CO2 since 2007




1. IATA airs@t transatlantic 2017.

2. Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) has been calculated as EBIT divided by net assets deployed, less net debt. Adjustments are made to EBIT and net assets to account for those aircraft operated under operating leases and mark-to-market movements on open contracts.

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A Virgin Atlantic Plane

Change is in the air

That’s because for us, sustainability means changing things for the better by working to improve the lives of people around the world, in the areas where we can have the most impact. This includes our environmental and supply chain activities and our non-profit partnerships.


Reduction in CO2 emissions per revenue tonne km since 2007


Per passenger kilometre reduction in CO2 since 2007

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